Thursday, December 27, 2007

Killing the Popsicle

Account deactivated

Due to thread from here:

It is apparent that SE is not doing anything about stolen accounts.

To avoid the loss of Popsiclestick and Haguen/Saintclaw, I have decided to deactivate my accounts in not only protest but for protection.

And as a quick update:
Got Duelist's Chapeau, Dalmatica, Fortitude Torque, Leveled SCH to 37 (best sub for WHM by far), and got Saintclaw level 75 through Campaign. WoTG is a decent expansion but small by far.

Hopefully my deactivation won't be a long time. I will miss my friends and helping my dad. Take care.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Slow couple days

Leveling a job can be pretty rough. Unfortunately, it feels like Corsair is one of the most expensive jobs to level up. With the parser program, I've become more skeptical of party performance. With my attitude towards people playing better, I often end up being very cynical of damage and experience points per hour...

1. Assault Sergeant Major
Started to do some Tier 7 assaults. We, my group, often does this in order. With only 3 tags, we did the first 3 of tier 7 and winning them all :D

Azure Experiments was a cake walk. The basic strategy is straight damage and clean pulls. Magic damage seems far superior in this one. 3 types of Lamia monsters, RNG, BLM, and some other job were easily taken down. Plus, we only had to fight 2-3 at a time, repeating the process 4 times. The enhancements/penalties were annoying, but nothing significant.

Blitzkrieg was by far the most fun I ever had in assault. Since the monsters rush at us 20 at a time and they only have like 400 HP total, they died ridiculously quickly with my BLU :D I wish I could of Screenshot it, but it was far too hectic. The primary damage comes from Battle Dance and Frypan. I had Grand Slam equipped, but it was marginal damage. Using those two and maybe Flying Hip Press would be sufficient damage. Our setup was BLU BLM BLM RNG and WAR. Two BLU and 1 WHM or BRD would be awesome and fun. We copped out and went for the quick win -- yielding only 700 points

Wamoura Farm Raid was a straight forward fight. The BLMs made the predominant damage on this one. Wide scan was a big plus here. Easy win.

Now I am 15/25 points until my Perdu Hanger!!!

2. Lighting the ole' gil purse
I took a short party again today. It was with Bigboy again. I tried to show them the parse damage and it was measly.
Popsiclestick: COR/RNG
Bigboy: NIN/WAR
Tubooku: SAM/WAR
Knighthawk: BLU/THF
Exodius: PLD/WAR
Lynxo: RDM/BLM

We were fighting Defoliators which sucks without any WHM or /WHM. I had haguen with me to help with curing and -na spells. . . Our XP/HR was a horrible 3k/hr. Very very sub par...

I tried to explain that some of the other people were parsing extremely low. The Ninja parsed just 1500+ more than me. I was highly distracted with curing and doing my dice rolls to parse higher :/ This is sad... Tubooku did very well, and from what I saw on his non-/check'ed gear, it looked decent.

When I explained their parse results, no one in the party had a clue what a "parse" was. . . oh well...

3. Odd picture

I was farming with Saintclaw, and got 2 stacks of Tree Cuttings :D

4. SPOILERS ON RotZ Mission 16!!

So I did this with 3 other linkshell people. One suggested we do 2 RDM/NIN and whatever in the rest since him and his brother Heavencloud duo'd it. I went as the other RDM/NIN

Popsiclestick: RDM/NIN
Cosworthrs: RDM/NIN
Spiqo: MNK/NIN
Rathclav: WAR/NIN
Nelsonp: WHM/NIN
Gamemasta: BRD/NIN

The fight was insanely easy. Gamemasta only died because he rushed the second form. . . Strategy is to just have 2 RDM's sleep the orbiters and melee kill the boss. It will cast -Ga spells and some Ancient Magic mostly. There are some Job abilities but I didn't notice much of at all...

Lion ; ; RIP

Yes I am horrible at taking screenshots at critical moments :P

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Scott over at VGCats released a new comic strip related directly with FFXI :D

Adventure Log

Weekend - Serg. Maj, Dyna-Tav!

Well weekend is just over. Here is a wrap up ^^

1. Dynamis-Tavnazia!
The linkshell did Dynamis-Tavnazia. This will be 1/3 this summer break. The ultimate goal is to do basic farming and such. The sponsor is Bahloo, who wanted the Bard Cannions -1. Fortunately we got it on our first run. Our only AF related armor..

2. Moar Corsair leveling!
I'm still working on my pirate job. I managed to get to level 59! This job costs boo-ko bucks. Shooting 120k worth of iron bullets has not been fun on the budget T T

3. Gimpy Red Mages
Whats with these guys?

At least make a little bit of effort in the gear. Get your afs ; ;

4. DVS parse!
I decided to download DVS parse. After playing with COR and PUP, I wanted to know how much damage am I doing in comparison to my party. I got one parse in, 1st one failed when I did with PUP due to Haguen getting parsed, and it shows my Cor is doing pretty well :D

I parsed top job!

Jobs were:
Bigboy: Ninja/war
Popsiclestick: COR/NIN
Akihumi: BLU/NIN
Yaapi: DRK/WAR
Roddick: RDM/WHM
Delphinas: BLM/WHM

End result is that

A) Eat food even if you lose it to the colibri.

B) Use your TP as soon as possible. For COR or RNG, this might not be wise with Slug Shots negative accuracy. I was shooting at mainly 150TP+ but occasionally I would risk it if the Drk ever weapon skilled :/

C)Don't suck and pay attention! The Ninja seemed afk 1/2 the fights :/ He barely held any hate, and I was tanking with straight shooting. I had to go to a 4 dice rolling. I was giving the BLM Wizard's Roll, Evoker's Roll, and everyone else got Rogue's Roll and Hunter's Roll

Despite lacking the available jobs for the melee's I think it works out for the best.

5) Sergeant Major
Thanks to Ifurita, Reaches, Sagia, and Elther, I have hit Sergeant Major! I'm one step closer to getting my Perdu Hanger

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yay update n.n;;

Well I have neglected this hardcore...

I will try to catch up a bit since april. Basically, raided a lot with DB for the past 3 months. Non stop, nearly every day...I will just run through some quick news and updates..

1. Weeee quit ; ;
My friend in FFXI finally gave up. For years, we have played together in 3 different LS's and he finally gives up. He no longer wants to play games any more .


2. Starting COR. .
I tell you, this shit is expensive. 130k for a stacked bullet pouch? I can go through a stack in 1 hour easily. Working on AF right now :D

3. DB is on break.
We get the opportunity to level different jobs and such :D

4. Fanfestival is in California, Nov 15-17!

Hmmm not sure if I want to go :3 It's tempting n.n

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Well I am officially a Distant Beliefs member now. Will take about a week before I can get into lotting items.

We did a little Ullikami. Managed to get like 2 stones in 2 hours! :D

Yesterday we were able to fight Timmy. I came home to see them aleady engaged with it.

Quickly into the fight, with The Blue Crew and Redifined sitting on our tails, we had a visit by GM Asikesos

There was some arguement on whether if the GM had removed the ability to allow us to sleep. Fortunately, when the GM had left, and some of the other linkshells left, it stopped removing sleep immediately... odd >.>;

Dorps! We got Herald's Gaiters which allows faster movement speed for mages and monks :D This went to Verenna. Congrats.

A strange thing happened with my mule, Cocoapuffs, who is being 2 boxed in Jeuno. My Popsiclestick's log was appearing on him. Go windower

Later that night we had very crappy drop rate for Dynamis Xarcabard. Demitras did receive Assassin's Armlets and Malinn got Saotome Kabuto
Congratulations to all :D

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stupid Gates of Hades >.<;

Day after Tomorrow

Well it was an interesting day after a maintenance.

Today I spend it in the Boyahda Tree. Notorious monsters that often take 21-24 hours to respawn are all magically up.

Voluptuous Vilma was up. It drops a rare ring called the Vivian Ring. We didn't fight, nor do I know if The Blue Crew got the drop.

We did however, get Fafnir!

Congratulations Phodoce

Tomorrow should be my last day as a trial. I think I did well. I missed no events... :D

Friday, March 16, 2007

Overdue update

Overdue crap...

Beat COP finally. I got my Rajas Ring (which doesn't help out my 2 75 jobs, BLM and WHM) but helps out my BLU :D

This is what happens when you piss off Newb BLMs when they ding into WarpII Spell XD

I need to get more pics up. . .

Recently I joined DistantBeliefs linkshell and I am still on trial until the end of the week ^^;

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New addition to Kujata n.n

So I got my dad to play FFXI. As a gift, I got him FFXI for Christmas; 2 months later we set it up on a Sunday -- early in the morning.

Let me tell you, SE needs to make a tutorial guide like most RTS games. Game mechanics are pretty hard to explain through /tell's :/ We went through the basics of the Auction House, fighting, buying from NPCs, Home point, and where the mog house is. It took 3 hours all said and done. With a basic in game tutorial, I am sure it would much easier to explain the game playing mechanics more thoroughly for a new player

Hi Dad:

I also joined DistantBeliefs again on a Beaudicine Dynamis. This time I went as BLU!! It was a bit frustrating forgetting some gear because i was in such a hurry. Here are some pictures:

We also went for a Great Katana (?) mob for relic, but I don't think we had enough heads to get past there :P

Gaudy Harness is mine!!!, I also got my Subligar (panty) for COR/RNG =3 :

Oh and Dad, or anyone who cares, if you need windower go here: Windower Forum

For text/GUI skins go here: Brandson's Work

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Here are some pictures over the past weekend. In a nutshell: got bst to 37, finished some CoP missions, like Black Coffin, helped out DB in Dynamis, saw JoL and AV, skilled up some club to 216...

Me trying to seek for a party. . . /sigh, at the time it was me and another bard. I, unfortunately, DC just when I got to the camp for my party and it turned out that the dishwasher was causing an interruption for my Wireless connection:

GIMMMMPPPPP farming :3

CGFs easily taking down Ancient Goobbue :

Me being the last man standing versus Ultima on CoP mission 6-4, One to be Feared.

My Glory Crown being taken away during my ToAU mission ; ;:

I helped out Distant Belief with Dynamis-Xarcabard.

Unfortunately, Dynamis Lord owned us. They said that the melee's didnt' have poison potions on to avoid being hit with sleepga.:

Me /Welcome'ing Sokhunthea on his leg :3

My death log versus Absolute Virtue. I went with Weeee to watch him and his new LS, Distant Belief fight Jailer of Love.:

Hey its AV up :P

We did an ENM run Like the Wind which was incredibly easy:

My gimpy party members in Garlaige Citadel: