Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New addition to Kujata n.n

So I got my dad to play FFXI. As a gift, I got him FFXI for Christmas; 2 months later we set it up on a Sunday -- early in the morning.

Let me tell you, SE needs to make a tutorial guide like most RTS games. Game mechanics are pretty hard to explain through /tell's :/ We went through the basics of the Auction House, fighting, buying from NPCs, Home point, and where the mog house is. It took 3 hours all said and done. With a basic in game tutorial, I am sure it would much easier to explain the game playing mechanics more thoroughly for a new player

Hi Dad:

I also joined DistantBeliefs again on a Beaudicine Dynamis. This time I went as BLU!! It was a bit frustrating forgetting some gear because i was in such a hurry. Here are some pictures:

We also went for a Great Katana (?) mob for relic, but I don't think we had enough heads to get past there :P

Gaudy Harness is mine!!!, I also got my Subligar (panty) for COR/RNG =3 :

Oh and Dad, or anyone who cares, if you need windower go here: Windower Forum

For text/GUI skins go here: Brandson's Work

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Here are some pictures over the past weekend. In a nutshell: got bst to 37, finished some CoP missions, like Black Coffin, helped out DB in Dynamis, saw JoL and AV, skilled up some club to 216...

Me trying to seek for a party. . . /sigh, at the time it was me and another bard. I, unfortunately, DC just when I got to the camp for my party and it turned out that the dishwasher was causing an interruption for my Wireless connection:

GIMMMMPPPPP farming :3

CGFs easily taking down Ancient Goobbue :

Me being the last man standing versus Ultima on CoP mission 6-4, One to be Feared.

My Glory Crown being taken away during my ToAU mission ; ;:

I helped out Distant Belief with Dynamis-Xarcabard.

Unfortunately, Dynamis Lord owned us. They said that the melee's didnt' have poison potions on to avoid being hit with sleepga.:

Me /Welcome'ing Sokhunthea on his leg :3

My death log versus Absolute Virtue. I went with Weeee to watch him and his new LS, Distant Belief fight Jailer of Love.:

Hey its AV up :P

We did an ENM run Like the Wind which was incredibly easy:

My gimpy party members in Garlaige Citadel:

Thursday, February 1, 2007


XP'd halfway through 34 and decided to help out the LS on Airship Mission. This is undoubtably one of the hardest fights in FFXI. I decided to use my BLU despite the not so optimal party setup of NIN NIN WAR BLM WHM and BLU.

The first fight was a failure. We ran out of time. I noticed BLU wasn't that spectacular in the mamet portion. Those mobs were changing to BLM and -ga'ing us a lot. It was particularly hard to Head Butt stun them. The second time through, it was just the same for this for me. I kept head butt as often as possible.

Omega was very difficult for me as a BLU. With the constant AoE attacks, it kept knocking me shadows down. This time I managed to stay alive by keeping a very close eye on my shadows. However, we still wiped, but with far more time than the first attempt.

With only 21 minutes left (as opposed to 11) we took on Ultima. This was a cake walk the 2nd time around. I equipped my dispelling spell Geist Wall to knock off its defense boost. Stun locking with head butt proved invaluable. We were able to waste this mob with the following results: