Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Well I am officially a Distant Beliefs member now. Will take about a week before I can get into lotting items.

We did a little Ullikami. Managed to get like 2 stones in 2 hours! :D

Yesterday we were able to fight Timmy. I came home to see them aleady engaged with it.

Quickly into the fight, with The Blue Crew and Redifined sitting on our tails, we had a visit by GM Asikesos

There was some arguement on whether if the GM had removed the ability to allow us to sleep. Fortunately, when the GM had left, and some of the other linkshells left, it stopped removing sleep immediately... odd >.>;

Dorps! We got Herald's Gaiters which allows faster movement speed for mages and monks :D This went to Verenna. Congrats.

A strange thing happened with my mule, Cocoapuffs, who is being 2 boxed in Jeuno. My Popsiclestick's log was appearing on him. Go windower

Later that night we had very crappy drop rate for Dynamis Xarcabard. Demitras did receive Assassin's Armlets and Malinn got Saotome Kabuto
Congratulations to all :D