Monday, March 16, 2009

Playing less FFXI, so figure I would upload some interesting tidbits I found interesting throughout the day =)

Listing of Intel motherboards over the years:

Segway+Theo Jansen sculpture = this cool thing from Louisiana university ME group

I remember seeing these in an old commercial for BMW:
New expansions coming out. Customizable stats on armor sounds sweet. Warning nifty site, spelling error (equipent wut?), and music playing. Expansion is expected to come out in the coming weeks and will be $10.

Came across some interesting reading. Apparently some renting corporations are also undergoing bankrupcy due to the dwindling property value versus income from renters. When renting companies default, what happens to the renters?

Enjoying more and more anime these days. This essay has a good interpretation of where anime is heading towards in America and how some history. I would however, suggest copying and pasting it into Word or Open Offier writer, else your vision will get f'ed up and see blue:

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