Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get More Malmage from Your Equipment with Augmented Items! (03/17/2009)

Malm is a unit of measurement equivalent to miles

"As illustrated above, players will be able to customize certain pieces of equipment by adding two augments of their choice to supplement the item's base attributes. This new feature will allow for two pieces of armor bearing the same name to possess distinct capabilities, specially tailored to complement the skills of the wearer.
A wealth of heretofore unseen diversity in adventuring attire awaits you!"

This adjustment of potentially adding value to statless gear. Often these statless gear pieces are not cost productive to make and are usually used for upgrading other pieces of equipment through crafting or quests. The real questions remains:

1) How will this work with macros?

Two pieces of armor with identical names would be difficult to macro considering which armor piece would be picked. I can think of only 2 ways of handling this: A) Make that type of armor piece rare to the user and B) a uninque command of macro

2) Will this be limited to current gear that has stats already?

Current gear with stats already can be further overpowered with stats. I doubt this would happen and would be relegated to only a portion of available gear.

3) Will it include weapons?

Highly doubt it.

4) Is it worth speculating on an increase in value for stat-less gear prior to the update?

I doubt it. There are too many ways this can be implmented and speculating with purchases of these types of armor prior to the update would be extremely bad. It is entirely possible that SE will allow a person to pick an armor piece from an NPC and be given it based on either some type of new or existing point system, gil, or quest.

5) If the upgradable gear is not obtained by a quest, how will this impact the economy?

Some quasi mid level gears will be significantly impacted. There are huge ranges in levels where gear is entirely made of pure fail. There is too little info to make any assumptions on the impact, so it is better to leave it as is...

AIG and any failed business for that matter should be making public apologies. Let's put some faces for the financial burden us tax payers will have to face. Too bad Americans are too selfish to "man up":




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